Marketing the Arnold Schwarzenegger Way.

Marketing the Arnold Schwarzenegger Way.

About a year ago I worked with the talented people from Motion City Studios (@davemakesmovies @cstina) My job/challenge was to get them some serious exposure, and do it on a seriously tight budget. Although there was not a lot of money in the marketing budget, one thing this crew was not short on was creativity and guts. So developing the "Get 2 Da Choppa" campaign gave me a long leash on what I was allowed to try with their brand association.

To read the full details of this marketing strategy including it’s results, fill in the contact form and in the subject box, insert your favourite Arnold Schwarzenegger line. (ex. I’ll be back... I eat Green Berets for breakfast, Don't move, you're dead)

I've attached the video for you here... enjoy.

"Get 2 Da Choppa" Marketing Campaign from Matt Lear on Vimeo.